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Print Drivers and Corruption

Novidades | 06 de Abril de 2022

Print Drivers and Corruption
If you are having strange printing issues that come on all of a sudden for no apparent reason you may have a corrupt driver.  I cannot tell you how the corruption occurred.  Who really knows the root cause, but it does happen?  To rid yourself of the printing errors you may need to uninstall the driver completely and then reinstall the driver.

To uninstall the driver on some operating systems you must delete the print queue first or you may have to delete pending jobs that are in the queue or spooler.  You may also need to stop the spooler.  These instructions are on the support pages for your printer at

Make sure you look up the instructions for uninstalling in the online support page for your printer, so you do not miss any important steps.  Search for remove or uninstall on your support page.  Follow all the steps to make sure that you completely remove the driver and its components otherwise the corruption may remain, and you will continue to see the problem. You may need to reboot your computer to complete the uninstall process.

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