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My Xerox Printer Won’t Wake Up

Novidades | 30 de Março de 2022

My Xerox Printer Won’t Wake Up
Is your printer getting more sleep than you are?  Is your printer harder to wake up than a teenager facing finals?  Let’s see if we can find a way to get your machine to wake without you yelling at it, which won’t work by the way. 

First – what is the energy save mode / sleep mode? The low power mode and sleep mode are the modes the printer goes into after a set time of no use.  The low power / sleep mode saves energy, but keeps the printer online and ready to process your task when you are. 

Second – How do you set the low power and sleep modes? From the online solution for setting the power save feature:  You can set the time the printer spends idle in ready mode before the printer transitions to a lower power level.

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