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Programming and Printing on Custom Size Paper

Novidades | 02 de Março de 2022

Programming and Printing on Custom Size Paper
Today we will explore how to set custom size paper selections in your print driver for print jobs.  You can save the custom size to be used repeatedly. Let us look at the general steps for creating and saving a custom size for paper in the driver. Your steps may be slightly different depending on the model of your Xerox printer or multifunction printer and the operating system (OS) you are using.

Depending on your machine you can print custom-size paper from Trays 1–5. Since custom size paper settings are saved in the print driver, they are available for you to select in all your applications. Please check your paper and paper tray specifications for information on the sizes supported for the paper trays on your machine. Custom sizes are most commonly printed from the bypass tray.

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