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Fault Code Lookup in Online Support

Novidades | 12 de Maio de 2021

Fault Code Lookup in Online Support
We have all been there. You are going about your business, printing or copying or scanning and a fault code displays on the Xerox printer. Your pulse quickens and your mind reels, you begin wondering what did I do? What should I do? Is the fault code my fault? Has anyone seen me here? Can I get away without anyone seeing me? Well calm down take a deep breath and let’s try to make this a little easier.

A fault code on your Xerox printer and or multifunction device is not always as disastrous as you might imagine. The fault code is just a way for your machine to tell you there is a problem and it needs some help. Write down the complete code and any accompanying error message, the fault code will be numbers and/or letters and may include commas, periods or hyphens. Example: xxx-xxx or xx-xxx-xx. Then find a device on which you can access the internet.

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