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VersaLink C8000W with White Toner Printing Technology

Novidades | 19 de Novembro de 2020

VersaLink C8000W with White Toner Printing Technology
The VersaLink C8000W prints with white toner. The availability of printing in white helps you to add a punch to your prints on all types of media from color paper to clings to other substrates that would benefit from the white toner.

How White Print is Accomplished Now
Without the print white technology, the way white is produced on a printer is that it is a void in ink. This means there is no ink laid down on the paper or the media, that will produce the white look. If the paper, you are using is not white or if it has gray tones or is recycled paper you will not get the vibrant white you want or need. If you are using color paper you won’t get true white.  For example if you print on a piece of yellow paper, anywhere there is a void in ink you want to see white, but as a result of the paper you will not see white you will see yellow.  This is where white printing becomes important so that you can truly produce an image with white tones no matter the media color.

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