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Xerox® Note Converter App

Novidades | 16 de Julho de 2020

Xerox® Note Converter App
Remember the days before computers?  If you’re a millennial, probably not.  But, for some of us, there was a time when we had to write everything down with pen and paper.  OK Boomer.

Still, even with the ubiquity of “screens” to write on, there are still times when a piece of paper is preferred.  Notes, for example!   And, where are notes more prolific than in the business world, where meeting notes are still a thing!  If I didn’t take notes, I’d forget everything (please reference that Boomer thing).

But, what to do when you need to SHARE your notes?  Enter the Xerox® Note Converter App!  Now available in the Xerox App Gallery, the Note Converter App provides a simple way to convert your notes into an editable (Word) format, allowing you to edit it and share at will!

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