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Eeny Meeny Miny Print – PostScript or PCL

Novidades | 08 de Outubro de 2019

Eeny Meeny Miny Print – PostScript or PCL
Last week we talked about the Global Driver, today let’s look at printer languages and which one might be best for your print jobs. We get many questions about the differences between PostScript and PCL drivers so let’s take a look at these two types of drivers. Most of the Xerox printers and multifunction printers can use either the PostScript or PCL driver.  Please be aware that the PostScript function may be an optional feature on some printers. The PostScript feature would need to be purchased and installed prior to using a PostScript driver. You might find this post informative and helpful in deciding which driver is best for you and your business. This article is taken straight from a case in our online support.

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